The Inhuman Gaze and Perceiving Otherwise

A three-day multi-disciplinary international conference


A three-day multi-disciplinary international conference spanning the disciplines of philosophy, cognitive neuroscience, psychiatry, psychology, sociology and aesthetics, to be held at Centre Culturel Irlandais, 5 Rue des Irlandais, 75005 Paris, France, 6th – 9th June 2018, with the generous support of the Irish Research Council, the School of Philosophy, and the School of Computer Science, the College of Science, and the College of Social Sciences and Law, University College Dublin.  



Above is the link to most of the keynote and invited sessions for the conference. 



Wednesday 6th June – Perception and the Gaze.

12.45pm – Registrations, Welcome coffee & pastries

13.15 Opening address - Dermot Moran, Professor, School of Philosophy, University College Dublin; Joseph Chair in Catholic Philosophy, Boston College; President of the International Federation of Philosophical Studies/Fédération Internationale des Sociétés de Philosophie.  

13.20 - Anya Daly, Postdoctoral Researcher, University College Dublin.  ‘The Inhuman Gaze and Perceiving Otherwise’ (Short Thematic Introduction)

13.30 - Dermot Moran, Professor, School of Philosophy, University College Dublin; Joseph Chair in Catholic Philosophy, Boston College; President of the International Federation of Philosophical Studies/Fédération Internationale des Sociétés de Philosophie.

‘Defending the Objective Gaze as a Self-transcending Capacity of Human Subjects’. (Chair: James Jardine)

14.20 – Short break

14.25 - Bill Fulford, DPhil FRCP FRCPsych, Fellow of St Catherine’s College and Member of the Philosophy Faculty, University of Oxford, Emeritus Professor of Philosophy and Mental Health, University of Warwick, Founder Editor and Chair of the Advisory Board, Philosophy, Psychiatry, & Psychology, and Director of The Collaborating Centre for Values-based Practice, St Catherine’s College, Oxford (

‘A Kind of ‘Linguistic Phenomenology’: Twin Resources for 21st Century Values-based Mental Health Practice’. (Chair: Dr Anna Bergqvist)

15.15 - Maurita Harney, Honorary Senior Fellow, School of Historical and Philosophical Studies, University of Melbourne.  ‘Felt perception’.  (Chair: Anya Daly)

16.05 – Coffee/ Tea break

16.25 –Melvyn Goodale, Distinguished University Professor, Canada Research Chair in Visual Neuroscience, and Director of the Brain and Mind Institute at Western.

What contents of consciousness are dependent on the ventral and dorsal streams of visual processing?’  (Chair: Shaun Gallagher)

17.15 - Short break

17.20 - Shaun Gallagher, Lillian and Morrie Moss Chair of Excellence in Philosophy, University of Memphis; Professorial Fellow in the Faculty of Law, Humanities and the Arts, University of Wollongong, Australia.     Inside the gaze’.  (Chair: Anya Daly)

18.10 – For 19.00.  Madame Ambassador Patricia O’Brien has very generously invited the conference participants for a wine reception at the Embassy of Ireland, 12 ave Foch (entrance 4 rue Rude), Paris 75116.  Metro Argentine, Ligne 1.

For a history of the Embassy and some photos  copy and paste this link into your browser.


Thursday 7th June – The Inhuman Gaze, Psychopathology and Intersubjectivity

9.00 am - Matthew Broome, Professor and Chair in Psychiatry and Youth Mental Health, Director of the Institute of Mental Health, School of Psychology, University of Birmingham.  ‘The Inhuman and Human Gaze in Psychiatry and Schizophrenia’. (Chair: Valeria Bizzari)

09.50 – Short break 5 mins

09.55 - Philippe Wuyts, Clinical Psychiatrist, Paris. ‘The human fire extinguished : The phenomenology of burnout’.  (Chair: Svetlana Sholokhova)

10.35 – Coffee/ Tea break

10.55 – Panel - Psychiatry and the Gaze. (Chair: David Mitchell, Total 1 hour, 35 mins)

§  Lead paper - Dr Anna Bergqvist, Tenured Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, Manchester Metropolitan University. ‘The Hoping Gaze: Moral Perception and Relational Psychiatry’.   (30 mins)

§  Svetlana Sholokhova, DAAD Postdoctoral Fellow, Section for Phenomenological Psychopathology and Psychotherapy, Clinic for General Psychiatry, University of Heidelberg.  ‘Addressing the limitations of the psychopathological perspective on the “rehumanization of Psychiatry’. (20 mins)

§  Richard Saville-Smith, PhD student, Religious Studies, University of Edinburgh. ‘The Inhuman Gaze: Reason versus Madness – a dehumanising dichotomy’. (10 mins)

§  Ryan van Nood, PhD Candidate, Philosophy, Purdue University. ‘Suffering the Passages of Human Identity: An Investigation of Empathy’s Role in Placebo Response’.  (10 mins)

Discussion: 25 mins

12.30 – Short break (5 mins)

12.35 – Consultations with senior academics about projects (3 groups – perception, psychiatry, philosophy 45 mins)

13.20 – Lunch (1 hour)

14.20 - Matthew Ratcliffe, Professor of Theoretical Philosophy, Department of Philosophy, University of Vienna.  Social Estrangement and the Sense of Reality’.  (Chair: Anna Bortolan)

15.10 – Short break

15.15 – Miriam Kyselo, Postdoctoral Fellow, Technische Universität Berlin, Berlin Center for Knowledge Research, ‘Fighting Otherness: The human need for exclusion’. (Chair: Anne-Cathrine Wackerhausen)

15.45 – Coffee/ Tea break

16.05 - Panel - Philosophy and Psychopathology, (Chair: Luigi Corrias, Total 1 hour, 35 mins)

§  Lead paper - Dr David Mitchell, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Humanities, University of Johannesburg. ‘Anxiety and the body-for-others: Body dysmorphic disorder and the phenomenology of shame’. (20 mins)

§  Devin Fitzpatrick, Doctoral Student, University of Oregon. ‘Self-Care of Depressed Persons as Modeling Care for the “Inhuman”’ (10 mins)

§  Virginia Ballesteros & Ana L. Batalla, Researchers in the Philosophy Department, University of Valencia.  ‘Some considerations on PTSD through Jean Améry’s philosophy’.  (20 mins)

§  Anna Bortolan, Postdoctoral Researcher, University College Dublin.  ‘Seeing Oneself Through Stories: Narrativity and the Recovery from Psychiatric Illness’. (20 mins)

Discussion – 25 mins

17.40 - Short break

17.45 - Sean Kelly, Teresa G. and Ferdinand F. Martignetti Professor of Philosophy, Harvard University.  'Wondering at the Inhuman Gaze'.  (Chair: Tim Mooney)

18.35 – Conference dinner for 20.00

Copy and past the following link into your browser for an account of the history of Le Coupe Chou – translated as cut-cabbage.


Friday 8th June – Selves and Others

09.00 – Dan Zahavi, Professor of Philosophy, University of Copenhagen; Director of the Centre for Subjectivity Research.  ‘The animals in us’.   (Chair: James Jardine)

09.50 – Short break

09.55 - Sara Heinämaa, Academy of Finland, University of Jyväskylä.  ‘Disgust: On the Existential and Social-Moral Aspects of a "Mortal Emotion".  (Chair: Dermot Moran)

10.45   – Coffee/ Tea Break

11.05- Panel: Deleuze, Technology and Animality – (Chair: Christinia Landry, Total 1 hour, 35 mins)

§  Lead paper - Rosi Braidotti, Distinguished University Professor, University of Utrecht.  ‘Posthuman Thought, Immanence and Affirmation’. (40 mins)

§   Jonas Oßwald, PhD Student, Department of Philosophy, University of Vienna. ‘A Lion’s Shame. The Intolerable and All Too Perceptible’. (10 mins)

§  Richard S. Lewis, PhD student, Interdisciplinary Studies: Philosophy of Technology and Media & Communication, Vrije Universiteit Brussel. ‘Technological Gaze: A Posthumanist Sense of Technology’. (10 mins)

§  Mick O’Hara, PhD Candidate, GradCAM, Dublin School of Creative Arts, Dublin Institute of Technology. ‘The Algorithmic Regime: Decoding the digital image’. (10 mins)

Discussion: 25 mins

12.40 – Lunch (1 hour)

13.40– Joseph Schear, Professor, Faculty of Philosophy and Tutorial Fellow, Christ Church College, University of Oxford. ‘Human Intersubjectivity’.  (Chair: Caitlin Hamblin-Yule)

14.30 – Panel: Husserl and Honneth – (Chair: Abeba Birhane, Total 1 hour, 15 mins)

§  Lead Paper – Rochelle Tobias, Professor of German, Johns Hopkins University. ‘Like-Minded but Not Like-Bodied: Kafka’s Challenge to Husserl’s Notion of Intersubjectivity’. (30 mins)

§  Patricia Meindl, PhD student in Philosophy, Center for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen. ‘The Dehumanizing Gaze:  A Husserlian Critique of Honneth’s Theory of Reification’. (10 mins)

§  Sarah Bufkin, DPhil Student in Political Theory, University of Oxford. ‘Reification and the White Gaze: Axel Honneth and Frantz Fanon’s Divergent Understandings of Racialized Misrecognition’. (10 mins)

Discussion: 25 mins

15.45 – Short break

15.50 – Fred Cummins, Associate Professor of Cognitive Science, University College Dublin.  ‘Voice and gaze considered together in languaging’.  (Chair: Mark James)

16.30 – Coffee/ Tea break

16.50 – Panel: Animality and the Animal Gaze – (Chair: Patricia Meindl, 1 hour 35 mins)

§  Lead paper - Véronique Servais, Professor, Anthropologie de la Communication, Université de Liège, ‘Animal gaze and the feeling of being human’.  (30 mins)

§  Mérédith Laferté-Coutu, PhD Student, Philosophy Department, Pennsylvania State University. ‘Henri Bergson and the Animal Gaze’. (10 mins)

§  James Laing, PhD Student, University College London. ‘On Being Humiliated’. (10 mins)

§  Silvia Panizza, Lecturer in Ethics (part-time), Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia. ‘Looking at other animals: the attentive gaze and ironic detachment’. (20 mins)

Discussion: 25 mins

18.25 – Short break (5 mins)

18.30 - Dylan Trigg, FWF Lise Meitner Fellow (senior), University of Vienna. ‘Beyond Human and Animal: Metamorphosis in Merleau-Ponty’. (Chair: Malcolm Matthews)

19.00 – Alva Noë, Professor of Philosophy, University of California, Berkeley. ‘Three Styles of Seeing’.  (Chair: Fred Cummins)

19.50 – Open evening


Saturday 9th June – Sociality and the Gaze

09.30   Dorothée Legrand, Professor at the Archives Husserl, CNRS, École Normale Supérieure, Paris Sciences et Lettres Research University, Paris. ‘Responding to the inhuman gaze’.  (Chair: Dylan Trigg)

10.20 - James Jardine, IRC Postdoctoral Fellow, University College Dublin. ‘Husserl on Feelings and the Gaze’.  (Chair: Dylan Trigg)

10.50 Coffee/ Tea Break  

11.100 - Panel: Sociality and Perception in Anomalous Experience, Ethics and Aesthetics. (Chair: James Jardine, Total 1 hour, 15 mins)

§  Lead paper – Valeria Bizzari, Postdoctoral Researcher, Clinic for General Psychiatry, Center for Psychosocial Medicine, University of Heidelberg. ‘A Spontaneous Transgressive: Asperger’s syndrome and common sense’. (20 mins)

§  Jonathan Paul Mitchell, Ph.D Student, University College Dublin.  ‘Ethics Beyond the Human: Disability and The Inhuman’. (10 mins)

§  Clémence Saintemarie, Teaching Assistant/ Tutor, University College Dublin.  'The Eye's Empire: Reflections on "occulocentrism" in the aesthetic regime of art'. (10 mins)

§  Mark James, Ph.D Student, University College Dublin.  Perceptual dissonances in social interaction: awkwardness, creepiness, uncanniness, and the habituation of social order’. (10 mins)

Discussion: 25 mins

12.15 - Lunch (1 hour)

13.15 - Consultations with senior academics about projects (3 groups – philosophy, social cognition, psychiatry, 45 mins)

14.00 – Manos Tsakiris, Professor of Psychology, University of London. ‘“Feeling in seeing”: embodiment and visual politics’.  (Chair: Mick O’Hara)

14.50 - Short Break

14.55 - Panel: Inhuman Gazes in Law and Politics – (Chair: Clémence Saintemarie, Total 1 hour, 25 mins)

§  Lead paper: Dr. Luigi Corrias, Assistant Professor of Philosophy of Law, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. ‘Perceiving the Inhuman in Law: Dehumanization and the Boundaries of Legal Order’. (20 mins)

§  Abeba Birhane, Ph.D Student, University College Dublin.  ‘The dehumanizing propensity of solitary confinement: A Bakhtinian Analysis’. (10 mins)

§  Venus Torabi, PhD Student, Brock University, Canada.  Poetics of Vision and the Politics of Perception: The Death Gaze in Neda Agha-Soltan’. (10 mins)

§  Jeanette Doyle, Cathy O’Carroll, Mick O’Hara, Dr. Connell Vaughan, Dublin School of Creative Arts, Dublin Institute of Technology. ‘A Post-Digital Aesthetics of the Inhuman Gaze: Reflections on I See Birds Flying Over the White House’.  (20 mins)

Discussion: 25 mins

16.20 – Coffee/ Tea break

16.40 - Panel: Objectification, recognition and identity – (Chair: James Forrest, Total 1 hour, 35 mins)

§  Lead paper – Aleksy Tarasenko-Struc, Assistant Professor, Michigan State University. ‘Interpersonal Invisibility and the Recognition of Other Persons’. (SKYPE) (20 mins)

§  Caitlin Hamblin-Yule, PhD Student, Department of Philosophy, University of Toronto. ‘Charles Taylor and Sartre on Objectification and Self-Evaluation’. (10 mins)

§  Rebecca Harrison, PhD Candidate, University of California, Riverside.  ‘Merleau-Ponty on Sexuality and Objectification’.  (10 mins)

§  Lee Large, PhD Researcher, Durham University. ‘Negotiating the Inhuman Gaze and the Double Bind of Visibility’. (10 mins)

§  Dr Christinia Landry, Assistant Professor of Philosophy (with term), Wilfrid Laurier, University in Canada. ‘Disclosure and the Gendered Gaze in Simone de Beauvoir’s Ethics’.  (20 mins)

Discussion: 25 mins

18.15 Short break

18.20 – John Protevi, Phyllis M. Taylor Professor of French Studies and Professor of Philosophy, Louisiana State University. ‘Blackout Rages: The Inhibition of Episodic Memory in Extreme Berserker Episodes’. (Chair: Jonathan Mitchell)

19.10 Closing remarks – Fred Cummins and James Jardine (10 mins)