The organizers of The Inhuman Gaze and Perceiving Otherwise wish to acknowledge the generous support of the Irish Research Council through the projects [‘The Social Matrix: An investigation of the subjective bases of violence, destructiveness and ethical failure’, Anya Daly] and also the project [‘The Constitution of Personal Identity: Self-Consciousness, Agency and Mutual Recognition’, James Jardine].  

The conference is also generously sponsored by the School of Philosophy, the School of Computer Science,  the College of Science and the College of Social Sciences and Law, University College Dublin. And also the Centre Culturel Irlandais and the Embassy of Ireland in France.



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The image is of two Ancient Greek eyes dated from the classical period of the 5th Century B.C. or later, in the medium of bronze, marble, frit, quartz, obsidian. They were gifted to the Museum of Modern Art, New York by Mr & Mrs Lewis B. Cullman and Norbert Schimmel.

This pair of eyes, designed for an over-life-size statue, probably of a divinity, are striking in the immediacy that Ancient Greek sculpture conveyed. The allusion is to the Gods-Eye-View and inhuman and nonhuman gazes.

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Francisco Goya, Monk talking to an old woman (1824- 1825). Responding to the 'Inhuman Gaze'.

Associate Professor Christian Brizard, Director of the Cardiac Sugery Unit at the Royal Children's Hospital, Melbourne, Australia - geared up for surgery and looking like a cyborg.

Bonobos are the closest relative to humans.  As primatologist Frans de Waal has observed, bonobos have the capacities for altruism, compassion, patience and empathy.  Females have higher status in bonobo society.

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